My name is Daniel and during the day I work at Clover Health as a Software Engineer, with a focus on data pipelines and backend API services. In my personal time I volunteer at San Francisco Suicide Prevention as a crisis counselor, Hospice by the Bay as a patient care volunteer, and a bookstore pop-up focused on POC and minority / under-represented authors. I believe in connecting intentionally with my community around me and making a local impact on those as much as I can.

As for other hobbies, I like to read (Goodreads link above) and run (Strava profile above). I am always trying to set my sights on reading more books each year, although not by a numerical measure. Similar to Proust, I believe that reading is an opportunity to live many lives through the gaze of the narrator. And by doing so, I have had the fortune of seeing our world (and many others!) through a different lens.

And lastly I love to run. The reason I love running is difficult to properly articulate, as it is a venue for me to pursue my competitive ambitions and nurture my mental well-being. Like many athletes, I’ve been engaged in fitness and sports since an early age, playing both team and individual sports. I hold the belief that sports and competition adds a lot of weight to our world, as I’ve learned how to cooperate in a team but have also learned to recognize glaring issues like toxic masculinity, racism, and sexism.

As a baseline for a some prospective running friends, my current running PR’s are:

My current goal is to break 90 minutes in the half and someday run the Boston Marathon. If you ever want to run, feel free to connect with me on Strava as I’m always looking for new running partners regardless of fitness level.